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Lead Instructor
Blake comes from the sandy beaches of Queensland, Australia. He was a distinguished Officer in the Air Force, before quitting to go on a half decade journey of self discovery, eventually finding the field of mens personal development. 

Over the past 3 years, Blake has worked with hundreds of men on intensive residential coaching programs ranging from 3-days to 10 weeks. He was mentored by some of the best personal development coaches in the world, and has achieved true mastery in dating. His coaching ability is rivaled only by his ability to 'walk the talk'. 

Blake also runs multiple online businesses, is an avid property investor, and has a relentless focus on living a unique life of freedom. Blake recently moved to the US full time, to continue working with men on a larger scale, and be closer to his business mentors and friends. 


Lead Instructor
Tanner grew up in Vancouver, Canada. For years after studying journalism in college, Tanner bounced around in dead end jobs trying to figure out what to do with his life. While working as a manager at a retail store, he started traveling on weekends as a sports writer, which eventually lead to quitting everything and going on his own journey of personal discovery. 

In the last 3 years, Tanner has coached hundreds of guys in dating and business. He's been mentored by some of the best coaches in the world, achieved true mastery in dating, and now earns mid 7 figures from his laptop. He's extremely passionate about helping other guys do the same (and sports. He loooves sports).

What Some Of Our Students Are Saying

Dylan C, 27

Washington DC

"Since working with Blake, I’ve dated models, yoga instructors, dancers, bottle girls, college girls and hot single moms"

Before working with Blake, my biggest frustration was connecting with the SUPER hot girls. 

I would have some success here and there but it wasn’t consistent and the girls I was connecting with didn’t excite me very much. Often I was trying to be something I wasn’t and the girls could see right through me. 

Since working with Blake, I’ve dated models, yoga instructors, dancers, bottle girls, college girls and hot single moms. Not only that, but I now know that I can be completely me - no gimmicks or tricks - and build deep, lasting connections with the women that I used to only dream about.

Yes, I read some other products that focused on texting and online dating and tried to apply the stuff on my own for about 5 years. 5 years! After going through this tinder product once, I was able to apply the stuff I learned immediately and started seeing immediate results.

Today I am dating women at a much higher caliber than I ever had. Not only that, but I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of what women experience while on dating apps or going on dates for the first time. I’m constantly told by women how much different I am than the other boring guys that ask them out.

What I like most is I didn’t have to change who I am at all. This at its core has been expanding on all the great parts of myself that were already there. It’s not fake, I’m not being manipulative and I am more comfortable in my skin than ever before.

Working with Blake and Tanner has been awesome. No gimmicks, no fluff just clean knowledge based on truth and experience. They walk the talk.

If you want to save time and avoid tons of pain that comes from the dating field, it’s a no brainer - spend a little money and invest in yourself.

Jeremy T, 33


"I completely recommend working with them... fully commit and trust in their advice and what they ask you to do."

What I like most about working with Blake and Tanner is the wealth of experience they have and the way they deliver their knowledge. I find their views on dating, masculinity, and development to be very insightful and something for me to look up to. 

Not only that, but their patience and ability to deliver in a concise manner really takes it home for me. I initially sought them out for strictly dating help, but have since used them far beyond in lifestyle advice, career advice, and general life advice to help me maximize each day. 

I've worked with both for a few years and I feel the relationship is more akin to a big brother/little brother relationship than a Coach/student relationship. This makes it easier for me to lay all my issues out there free of judgement. 

With working with myself and watching them work with others, I see that they care about the people they help and will go above and beyond.

I completely recommend working with them... fully commit and trust in their advice and what they ask you to do.

Chris R, 30


"I went from getting 2-3 matches a week to getting 5-10 matches a day"

I dove into the Online Dating Hacks course last week and was excited to check out the content. 

I've worked with Blake on the 10 Day program and they covered online dating there so I wasn't sure if I'd learn a lot but it made a huge difference. 

With only two small tweaks - properly getting off the blacklist and changing the way I swipe - I went from getting 2-3 matches a week to getting 5-10 matches a day. Now I have too many matches to keep up with.

Chris A, 53

New York City

"I signed up with them hoping to better my dating life and I got so much more. "

Working with Blake and Tanner is nothing short of incredible. 

 No matter where you are on the spectrum in your social and dating life, these guys will take you to the next level. There is no substitute for having someone in your corner to help develop and guide you in pursuit of your dating goals. 

I felt like I was already comfortable with where I was and they showed me that you could push into so much more. And they are not into teaching tricks or gimmicks. 

These guys get to the crux of who you are and what you're about and help you strengthen those qualities so you can present the best version of yourself. They have coached me and I am now significantly more confident with women and more confident with how I live my life as well.

I signed up with them hoping to better my dating life and I got so much more. Let them help take you to where you want to go. You will get more than you asked for and you will not be disappointed.

Daniel P, 40

Los Angeles

"It's unbelievable how it works on my amateur level already. I have to start an Excel sheet to keep track of everything. ;)"

First of all I wanted to thank you that you hosted the virtual meetings and shared some of the secrets.

Together with the revealed texting secrets this is a great start. I implemented some of it (of course, I am still an absolute rookie), but its unbelievable how it works on my amateur level already.

First the new profile with completely new pictures. I am sure there is still a lot to improve, but I already got more matches with hotter girls, than ever before. 

And when it comes to texting, its like night and day. I have two examples from hot girl only from today!!! Please see here: [photos cut out]

I have another date already lined up with another one (road trip to a small hotel in the Death Valley (her suggestion). I have to start an Excel sheet to keep track of everything. ;)

On another note, you know how desperate I was just three weeks before and I desperately needed it. And then Corona came... 

Well the good news is that I matched with someone on bumble around this time. I used some of the texting best practices, we met after some time. It worked out out and since its Corona time, we cant really see other people. It was a great coincidence. 

During this unprecedented times we kind of mutually agreed that we keep on seeing each other and make decisions after. So its great to be close to someone, have sex, but also support each other. Singles, that don’t have anyone probably literally glowing insane these days. I am thankful for that. And it probably wouldn’t have happened without I learned from you. This is so valuable these days.

Phai H, 32

New York City

"The quintessential piece of the puzzle."

The Online Dating Hacks course is the quintessential piece of the puzzle if you want to do well with dating apps. 

Before the course, I’d struggle greatly with creating a profile and knowing what to do. On the very few matches, it was totally random and it felt like I was trying to find a needle in a haystack in the dark with both arms tied behind my back. 

Therefore, when I found out that the course existed, I was ecstatic! 

The course teaches you step-by-step on how to maximize your profile. Friends of mine who have followed the directions given on the course saw immediate results. 

I’m excited to apply those concepts into creating my profile and can’t highly recommend the program enough!

Antonio R, 30

Mexico City, Mexico

"In the first two months of 2020 I've met more women and had more sex than in any other year. "

In the first two months of 2020 I've met more women and had more sex than in any other year. 

And since the quarantine initiated in my country I've been applying the principles I've learned on the dating platforms. I now go through the profiles without worrying being matched with a hot woman. I feel I've internalized the believe that the results don't make me who I am. Helping me being kinder with myself to learn better and faster. I feel a lot lighter when it comes to dating and have more fun. 

Both of the programs I've taken with Blake and Tanner have helped me change my mindset; not only to enjoy the journey but to live my life in my own terms. If I could recommend getting coached by someone, these guys would definitely make in the top 5 list. 

Ryan S, 37


"So would I recommend it? HELL YES!!"

I used to think that my biggest struggle with women/dating was knowing what to say and saying the "right" things. While words do a play a role, the more I've learned from Blake and Tanner, it's more about the type of person that I am and the energy I'm bringing to an interaction.

Blake and Tanner bring a lot of care to their students along with strong presence. They are very knowledgeable and committed to helping men grow, not just in their dating life, but in all areas of life. The stuff they teach really opens up one's spirit to become a more masculine male.  

I really liked the way they care for me. Also, learning about true masculinity. And also lots of examples for interactions with girls.  

Blake and Tanner are strong and grounded. At the same time, they have a light hearted and fun side. They bring a lot of knowledge, experience, and commitment to the table.    

... So would I recommend it? HELL YES!!

Dominik H, 35

Munich, Germany

"OMG it's working. I'm seeing a lot of hotties out of the sudden, must have hacked the algorithm or something."


OMG it's working. I'm seeing a lot of hotties out of the sudden, must have hacked the algorithm or something.

Overall thoughts:
- Well structured
- Lessons build up well on another and have a logical sequence
- Overarching thread mindset of keeping things light and fun was well placed at the beginning
- Easy to understand
- Lots of examples to relate to, especially great to see actual photos and examples in the teardown section
- Tons of good content, "clean knowledge" as you call it
- No distractions in the videos, just Tanner and you on a couch in NYC

You both are easy to listen to, speak at a comfortable pace and tonality and are well understandable. I think it's really great that there are two experienced instructors to talk about their insights and about the best tips and ideas. Please also forward that feedback to him if you can.
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